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The Summer Of Love 

les deux ss19

Over 50 years ago, music, flowers and peace harmoniously combined to ignite a cultural revolution, the impact of which we can still feel today. Throughout the early 60s, a new generation was developing across the United States and as the decade continued, the hippie culture gained significant traction. At the nucleus of this youth-driven movement was the Haight-Ashbury district in San Francisco and due to growing media coverage, it radiated outwards and the Summer of Love began.

The emerging hippie culture centred around collective living, environmental consciousness, civil rights, anti-conservative politics and several other political agendas, with an alternative youth experimenting with drugs and seeking to break traditional values for carnal endeavours. Essentially the movement rejected many aspects of the long-established traditions and values which dominated the 60s, and broke free from what many of them saw as a conformist and materialistic society.


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