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The Isar Backpack Size M in Black Melange form Cote E Ciel is a sculptural and functional backpack. The iconic architectural form flows from an ergonomic design concept, resulting in an intriguing silhouette that’s both practical yet beautifully alien. The body of the rucksack is made from a grey mélange EcoYarn - a durable fabric developed through sustainable processes, complimented by a matching grey interior and black metallic trims.

Color: Black Melange 

Material: 100% Eco Yarn



Hight 36cm
Width 26,5cm
Depth 2,5cm 

Cote et ciel
Cote et ciel Isar Backpack M, black melange

175.00 EUR incl. VAT
coteeciel_isar backpack m_black melange_details_3_4 coteeciel_isar backpack m_black melange_details_4_4

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