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The Million Coat in Navy from Journal Clothing is a longer hooded coat with a regular fit, two front pockets and drawstring on the waist. The Coat comes with a technical membrane on the backside called warmsense, made in Italy. Warmsense reacts to UV rays and warms up the fabric (up to 3°C) in cold sunny days. The fabric is also breathable and water resistant. The wool from the fabric supplier Reda is ZQ certified, and is pure Merino Wool from sheep, reared on their own farms in New Zealand. It relies on a vertically integrated process totally controlled and guided by the principle of sustainability in a system of eco-management.

Color: Navy

Material: 100% Merino Wool

Collection: AW17 Men

Journal Clothing
Million Coat, navy

470.00 EUR incl. VAT
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Journal is both - classic and expressive menswear with a high quality level and interesting fabric choices. The design is characterized by a personal interest in a wide range of various art forms, architecture, literature and science. Taking bold choices and thinking big, describes the design process and the importance of both -big and small details in terms of design and quality. The name ‚Journal‘ refers to the sum of the experiences and daily observations in terms of quality, shape, fabrics and relations.

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